Time & expense tracking

MONESQ Plus provides tools to easily track your time and billable expenses. Easily track billable and nonbillable time by client and matter and set rounding rules for billing purposes. Enter any reimbursable expenses incurred by the firm, and quickly upload and store receipts. Enter flat fees as well as hard or soft cost expenses. Use up to three timers to track billable time on three matters concurrently. Billable time, expense, and flat fees are automatically collated as you create invoices.

Trust accounting

The MONESQ integrated trust accounting system ensures that you manage client trust funds in compliance with professional regulations. Account for every penny with detailed client trust ledgers. Run built-in trust accounting reports, including client trust ledger detail and three-way trust reconciliation reports, so that you can ensure that your bank balance (adjusted for uncleared deposits and disbursements) matches the transaction ledger balance, as well as the sum of client trust ledger balances.

Matter management

Create billable (hybrid or flat fee) or non-billable matters, assigning Lead Attorney and team members for each. Tracked time on Flat Fee matters is non-billable and shows matter profitability. Include multiple matters in the same invoice. The Matter Dashboard allows you to review matter trust balances, invoices paid or due, and Flat Fee matter profitability. Quickly search and filter Matter information to see what’s important to you. Find all invoices, transactions, time entries, expenses, flat fees, or files associated with any Matter, and view all billable activity by Matter.

Professional website

With MONESQ Professional Website builder, quickly create an elegant and professional website for your law firm, without the need for expensive developers or web designers. Tell your website visitors about your firm – including practice areas, your team, and more! With an embedded contact form, instantly convert visitors into prospective clients. Once your site launches, clients can pay invoices quickly and easily with payment buttons built into your website’s design!
Enjoy MONESQ Professional Website FREE for 6 months. After that you pay only 9.99/month!

Pricing & Features
/ user
/ month billed annually

In addition to the tools in MONESQ Legal Payments, MONESQ Plus tracks your billable time and expenses, and includes them in a professionally formatted invoice.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are handling trust accounting and monthly reports and reconciliations in a way that keeps you compliant with state bar and ABA requirements.

MONESQ Plus also provides the unique ability to see in real time the amount you can transfer from your trust account to your operating account. Generate advanced reports. Integrate with QuickBooks Online.

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Frequently asked questions
Do I need to download software to use MONESQ?

No. MONESQ is a web enabled platform and you can use it from any web enabled device. While MONESQ will work on a web enabled mobile device, many features will be easier to use on a larger screen, such as a laptop, tablet, or desktop. We plan to introduce a native app for MONESQ in the near future.

Can I upgrade from Free to Plus?

Yes. If you primarily need a way to send and track your invoices and receive online payments from your clients, you may find that MONESQ Free has what you need. If you want a simple and intuitive way to track your time and expense, and create and send professional invoices, you will likely find Plus to be the best solution. If your firm has an IOLTA trust account, we recommend that you use Plus.

Can I use MONESQ Free and Plus without integrating with QBO?

Yes, you can use MONESQ without integrating with QBO. You can choose to integrate with QBO later if you wish.

Can I cancel my use of MONESQ at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. To cancel, send an email to support@monesq.com.

Can I use MONESQ Plus even if I don’t have a trust account?

Sure. You can still use Plus for time & expense tracking; creating, sending, and tracking invoices; and receiving online payments from your clients. If you ever need trust accounting capability, it is there for you in Plus.

Why are your monthly fees so inexpensive?

We provide payments and financial solutions, and we make money when you process payments through our platform. We offer low flat rate fixed price payment processing. Our secure state of the art technology and our low cost infrastructure enable us to pack a lot of value-added features and functionality into our payments & financial platform.

Is the platform secure?

We emphasize security throughout MONESQ. We don’t store any credit card numbers – these are stored by our financial partners, who are Tier 1 certified PCI Compliant. We use a leading cloud storage solution with advanced security. Of course it remains important for each user to protect access to their account by choosing a strong password as well as protecting access to their device.

  • 1. Trial Period; Merchant Account. For up to 14 days after you create your MONESQ account, you may add users and use most of the MONESQ functionality. After 14 days, to continue using MONESQ and have access to all functionality, you will need to complete your MONESQ merchant application and open a Merchant Account through MONESQ. With your Merchant Account, your firm may receive online payments via eCheck or any major credit card, and you will have access to all of the services available through MONESQ Free and MONESQ Plus, subject to their respective terms. Until you open your Merchant Account, we will maintain any data that you entered for 28 days after your initial MONESQ signup. If you have not completed your merchant application within that 28 day period, your data will be deleted.
  • 2. Payment Processing. If you use MONESQ FREE or MONESQ PLUS, payment processing is provided by Stripe, Inc. or its affiliates (“Payment Processor”), you are required to accept, the Stripe Connected Account Agreement including  agreements and other documents referred to in such agreement (collectively, the “Payment Processing Agreement”), as modified by the Payment Processor in accordance with the Payment Processing Agreement. By using MONESQ, you agree to be bound by these terms of payment and the applicable terms of the Payment Processing Agreement.
  • 3. Card Brand Network Fees. Some legal payment processors also pass through card network fees assessed by Visa, Master Card, and American Express.  These fees are in addition to their quoted flat rates. To maintain our simple flat rates with no hidden fees, MONESQ absorbs card network fees so that you don’t get any surprises on your billing statement.
  • 4. International Card Transactions. Our quoted credit card rates are based on U.S. based transactions. International credit cards and international inbound credit card transactions are subject to an international service assessment.  These assessments vary, depending on the type of credit card, and the country in which the card was issued or in which the transaction occurred.  The assessments generally range from .5-.8% (50 – 80 basis points), and may be as high as 1.0% (100 basis points).  We pass any international service assessments through directly, with no mark-up.
  • 5. Settlement of Payments. Credit card transactions will generally be deposited into your account within 1-2 days.  In most cases, eCheck transactions will be settled to your account within three business days.
  • 6. PCI Compliance. Approximately 30 days after you open your Merchant Account, you will receive a notice to fill out an online self-assessment questionnaire to confirm your PCI compliance. This questionnaire is required by the card brand banks. This questionnaire must be completed annually, and you will receive notices (at least 30 days in advance) and reminders to complete this questionnaire. If you fail to complete the questionnaire by the deadline specified in the notices, you will then be charged a $19.95 monthly PCI noncompliance fee until you have completed this questionnaire. This noncompliance fee is required by the card brand banks.
  • 7. Chargeback Fee. Chargebacks and ACH return items will be subject to a $25.00 fee per item.
  • 8. Cancellation. You may cancel at any time. To cancel your MONESQ account, send an email to support@monesq.com. Your cancellation becomes effective as of the last day of the billing period that follows your cancellation notice (i.e., at the end of your monthly billing period if you have a monthly subscription, or at the end of the annual billing period if you have an annual subscription). When you cancel (a) all future monthly subscription charges will be discontinued; and (b) you will not receive a pro-rated refund of any prepaid annual subscription amount.
  • 9. Expert Support. For hours of customer support and how to contact customer support, click here.
  • 10. Subscription Fees.
    • a. MONESQ Free. There is no monthly account fee and you may add unlimited users.
    • b. MONESQ Plus. For the first 6 months of your subscription, you may add an unlimited number of users with no monthly account fee. After the first 6 months, you will pay a monthly fee of $6.59 per user if paid annually in advance, or $8.00 per user if paid monthly, or our then published monthly fee per user.
  • 11. eSignature. Each firm is entitled to 10 signed documents per month at no charge. If your firm needs more than ten signed documents per month, please contact us at support@monesq.com.
  • 12. Integration with QuickBooks online. If you choose to integrate your MONESQ account with QBO, you are responsible for maintaining your QBO subscription and complying with applicable QBO terms and conditions.
  • 13. System Requirements. To use MONESQ, you need an internet enabled device and a persistent internet connection. Users supply their own device and data plan for the internet connection. Access to MONESQ data is subject to the uptime of your cellular/internet provider. We recommend backing up your QBO account. Some QBO subscriptions include account backup. Third party backup solutions are also available.
  • 14. Changes to Terms & Pricing. Our terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options are subject to change without notice, unless an express notice period is specified.
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