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Based in Austin, Texas, MONE$Q® is the newest product by AppClose, Inc. , the developer and operator of AppClose®, the #1 co-parenting app. Since its launch in 2016, the company has become well-established and highly regarded in the legal community, with more than 37,000 family law attorneys recommending AppClose to their clients.  In our conversations with attorneys legal conferences and other events, we uncovered a clear need for a unique solution that combines the essentials of practice management software with IOLTA-compliant invoicing and payment processing – all at a price point more palatable for sole practitioners and small law firms. Informed and developed by attorneys to meet this need, we launched the MONESQ Legal Payments solution in January 2021.

About AppClose®

The AppClose app (App) was created to provide parents and primary caretakers with innovative technology for better co-parenting.

AppClose is a free mobile app with modern co-parenting tools. With co-parenting communications, multi-functional calendars, important information, record keeping and export capabilities in one place, the App provides co-parenting tools to hundreds of thousands of users. The App includes communications tools used by attorneys to communicate with their clients.

The App includes ipayou®, an integrated payment solution used by tens of thousands of co-parents to make and receive payments via ACH transfer. Users categorize payments to show compliance with temporary family court orders, and to document payments and reimbursements in preparation for divorce proceedings and the structure of the final decree. Payment reporting and communications tools are used by legal professionals, guardians ad litem, and state agency personnel to monitor compliance with court orders, and secure and flexible communications among parties.

AppClose is ordered or recommended by courts throughout the United States, and was selected to be on the vendor referral list by the LA County Courts, the largest court system in the U.S. For more information about AppClose, please visit www.appclose.com.



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