Accept online payments
Fast, secure, and easy for you and your clients.

Clients can make online payments directly from a secure custom payment link in your invoice, email, text or from a payment link on your website. Unlike other online legal payment platforms, our payment link on your website uses the client’s email and directs them to their own secure payment page – pre-populated with everything they need to make a payment in seconds, without entering any invoice data.

MONESQ automatically applies online payments to the correct invoice and account. Unlike other legal payment platforms, you don’t need separate website payment links for operating or trust accounts. We eliminate the risk that a client inadvertently uses a website operating account payment link to pay a trust deposit request invoice to your operating account.

Secure Payment Technology

Secure client portal
Your client can access and bookmark their own personal secure client portal, where they can view their statement, review their invoices, and make online payments.

Data protection
Communications to and from MONESQ are encrypted. Payment transaction and cardholder data is encrypted when entered. Simplify your own PCI compliance obligations: let clients enter their own payment data and let trusted PCI compliant payment experts store and handle the sensitive cardholder data.

Send online invoices
Send online invoices

Create and send an online payment request in seconds and attach any backup detail to the online invoice. Specify whether the invoice is payable to your Operating Account or your Trust Account. If you integrate MONESQ with QuickBooks Online, all invoice detail automatically syncs to QuickBooks Online.

Manage payments and accounts receivable
Manage payments and accounts receivable
Financial dashboard

MONESQ Dashboard provides a snapshot of key financial performance metrics, including paid and outstanding invoices, summaries of clients that pay and owe the most, and one click access to complete details.

When you access MONESQ in public, or any situation where you don’t want sensitive firm and client financial data seen, simply flip the privacy toggle to instantly hide all such sensitive data.

At a glance see how much you have received, and how much is due, both to your operating account and your trust account.

Invoice filtering
Use a date filter to view clients with the highest invoice balances, invoices paid, invoices overdue, and track your top paying clients. One click provides instant access to detailed views.

Invoice Balances
Online payments are automatically applied to the correct invoice. Use our Receive Payment function to record direct payments that you may receive, such as by cash, check, or wire transfer. MONESQ maintains your up-to-date invoice balance, and syncs the data to QBO if you use our QBO integration.

Run reports to measure the financial performance of your business. For those who don’t use QuickBooks Online, MONESQ allows you to quickly download reports in CSV files that you can import into other bookkeeping applications.

Flexible Payment plans and reminders

Create payment plans
Offer your clients flexible payment plans and schedule payments in advance to ensure that your invoices are paid. Easily divide payments into equal installments due at whatever frequency you select. Clients can agree to the payment plan and begin paying installments immediately.

Send payment reminders
To help ensure that clients don’t forget to pay, set up automated payment reminders containing payment links – sent at the interval of your choosing.

Secure Client Portal
Secure Client Portal
Security and Convenience

Send your clients a link to their own secure and personalized portal. Here, clients can view review their up-to-the-minute statement, including the current balance due, payments made, and invoice details. Clients can initiate payments directly from this page and bookmark it for future use.

Professional website
Professional website

With MONESQ Professional Website builder, quickly create an elegant and professional website for your law firm, without the need for expensive developers or web designers. Tell your website visitors about your firm – including practice areas, your team, and more! With an embedded contact form, instantly convert visitors into prospective clients. Once your site launches, clients can pay invoices quickly and easily with payment buttons built into your website’s design!
Enjoy MONESQ Professional Website FREE for 6 months. After that you pay only 9.99/month!

QuickBooks Integration
QuickBooks Integration
Monthly reconciliations and statements made easy

Integrate MONESQ with your QuickBooks Online account to ensure that your financial activity and reporting are up to date in both platforms. You save hours or even days closing financial statements each month. MONESQ provides easy one-time setup, with one-way sync of MONESQ payments, deposits, and other financial transactions to QuickBooks Online. View sync history and re-sync transactions as necessary. For those who don’t use QuickBooks Online, MONESQ allows you to quickly download CSV files that you can import into other bookkeeping applications.

Manage eSignatures
Manage eSignatures
Prepare documents for electronic signature

Quickly import documents for eSignature. Using the intuitive interface, import a new document, or create re-usable document templates for commonly used forms.

Create custom signature workflows
Identify and assign as many signers as your document requires, including internal team members. Send for all signatures at once, or specify a signing sequence and let our automated communication flow do the rest! Each signer will be notified when it is their turn to sign the document, and will have access to the fully executed document once all signatures are in place.

Document every step
Every step in the process is documented in full compliance with all major eSignature laws, including the E-SIGN Act and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. All documents are encrypted and have a secure audit trail with access times, and IP addresses. Download fully or partially signed documents with or without the audit trail, or download the audit trail separately.

Pricing & Features
/ mo
with MONESQ merchant account

MONESQ Legal Payments is free and includes financial tools to invoice your clients and manage your receivables.

With our low flat rate payment processing, we provide your clients with a secure frictionless way to pay by credit card and eCheck from multiple devices. You will see the money in your account within 1-2 business days (3 business days for eCheck).

With our IOLTA compliant platform, you may direct client payments to either your operating account or IOLTA trust account. You can also integrate MONESQ with QuickBooks Online.

Add as many users from your firm as you want. It’s still free.

Online Payments
Online Invoicing
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Client management
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Team management
Manage accounts receivable
Secure client portal
No long-term commitments, no hidden fees, no setup fees!
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