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Legal Payments

Meet MONESQ, the ABA and IOLTA compliant payment platform built for solos and small law firms. Easily manage accounts receivable, generate invoices, create payment plans, schedule reminders, manage eSignatures and more. Need more? MONESQ Plus unlocks additional tools, including time and expense tracking, and trust accounting.

Accept eCheck, Debit, and Credit cards quickly and easily. Save time and $1,000s in costs.

See MONE$Q in action
See MONE$Q in action
Cash Bonus Promotion
Earn up to $500.00 cash when you open a MONE$Q account with qualifying activities
Here how to receive your bonus: *
Open a MONE$Q account at with your offer code and link your firm operating account.
Upon account approval, send one or more invoices and receive qualifying online payments through MONE$Q
Earn up to $500 based on the following tiers:
Online payments processed through MONE$Q prior to July 15, 2021 Cash Bonus Amount
$5,000 or more 1 $250.00
$7,500 or more 1 $350.00
$15,000 or more 1 $500.00
1 Net of any chargebacks.
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  1. Unless waived by MONESQ, firms are eligible for only one bonus offer per 12-month period. To receive the bonus, all terms and conditions must be met. This offer is valid for new MONESQ law firm customers who sign up through May 30, 2021 who (a) have at least one member licensed to practice law in a state in the United States; (b) sign up for a MONESQ Free or MONESQ Plus account; (c) complete a MONESQ merchant application that is approved and activated; and (d) process qualifying online payments through MONESQ via credit card, debit card or eCheck prior to July 15, 2021.
  2. The MONESQ account must be open and active at the time of payout. MONESQ reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify any of the qualifications or to meet legal requirements, including a W9.
  3. Bonus amounts will be paid by ACH deposit into the law firm operating account linked through MONESQ. Bonus amounts will be paid within 10 business days after the requirements are met.
  4. Bonus payments may be reported to the I.R.S. if required by applicable law.
  5. Offer expires May 30, 2021. MONESQ reserves the right to discontinue the promotion at any time, in which case all MONESQ accounts activated prior to the date the promotion is discontinued that meet the eligibility and qualifying activity requirements will receive the cash bonus described above.
  6. If you have any questions, email us at
Get paid fast and easy

At the center or MONESQ is a powerful payment processing tool. Your clients can pay by credit card or eCheck quickly, easily and securely from any web-enabled device, so you can get paid faster! With MONESQ, there are no hidden fees or complicated licensing schemes. Add as many team members as you’d like – FREE.

Financial tools to help your Law Firm succeed
Your MONESQ account unlocks a powerful platform of tools that work together
Online Payments
Online Invoicing
Custom Payment Links
Manage accounts receivable
QuickBooks Integration
Secure client portal
Team management2
Client management 2
Our processing fees:
eCheck $1.75
Debit Cards 1.9% + $0.20
Credit Cards 2.75% + $0.20
  • 1. Trial Period; Merchant Account. For up to 14 days after you create your MONESQ account, you may add users and use most of the MONESQ functionality. After 14 days, to continue using MONESQ and have access to all functionality, you will need to complete your MONESQ merchant application and open a Merchant Account through MONESQ. With your Merchant Account, your firm may receive online payments via eCheck or any major credit card, and you will have access to all of the services available through MONESQ Free and MONESQ Plus, subject to their respective terms. Until you open your Merchant Account, we will maintain any data that you entered for 28 days after your initial MONESQ signup. If you have not completed your merchant application within that 28 day period, your data will be deleted.
  • 2. Payment Processing. MONESQ payment processing is provided in conjunction with Usio, Inc., our payment processing partner, as well as banks and other processors with which Usio has contractual relationships. These banks include Fifth Third Bank, Central Bank of St. Louis, TransPecos Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Evolve Bank and Trust, as well as other banks selected by Usio to expedite transactions based on the banks’ cutoff times. Usio is a NASDAQ traded public company with the trading symbol USIO.
  • 3. Card Brand Network Fees. Some legal payment processors also pass through card network fees assessed by Visa, Master Card, and American Express.  These fees are in addition to their quoted flat rates. To maintain our simple flat rates with no hidden fees, MONESQ absorbs card network fees so that you don’t get any surprises on your billing statement.
  • 4. International Card Transactions. Our quoted credit card rates are based on U.S. based transactions. International credit cards and international inbound credit card transactions are subject to an international service assessment.  These assessments vary, depending on the type of credit card, and the country in which the card was issued or in which the transaction occurred.  The assessments generally range from .5-.8% (50 – 80 basis points), and may be as high as 1.0% (100 basis points).  We pass any international service assessments through directly, with no mark-up.
  • 5. Settlement of Payments. Credit card transactions will generally be deposited into your account within 1-2 days.  In most cases, eCheck transactions will be settled to your account within three business days.
  • 6. PCI Compliance. Approximately 30 days after you open your Merchant Account, you will receive a notice to fill out an online self-assessment questionnaire to confirm your PCI compliance. This questionnaire is required by the card brand banks. This questionnaire must be completed annually, and you will receive notices (at least 30 days in advance) and reminders to complete this questionnaire. If you fail to complete the questionnaire by the deadline specified in the notices, you will then be charged a $19.95 monthly PCI noncompliance fee until you have completed this questionnaire. This noncompliance fee is required by the card brand banks.
  • 7. Chargeback Fee. Chargebacks and ACH return items will be subject to a $25.00 fee per item.
  • 8. Cancellation. You may cancel at any time. To cancel your MONESQ account, send an email to Your cancellation becomes effective as of the last day of the billing period that follows your cancellation notice (i.e., at the end of your monthly billing period if you have a monthly subscription, or at the end of the annual billing period if you have an annual subscription). When you cancel (a) all future monthly subscription charges will be discontinued; and (b) you will not receive a pro-rated refund of any prepaid annual subscription amount.
  • 9. Expert Support. For hours of customer support and how to contact customer support, click here.
  • 10. Number of users; Processing Minimums.
    • a. MONESQ Free. For the first 12 months of your subscription, you may add an unlimited number of firm users with no processing minimum and no monthly account fee. After the first 12 months, you must process a minimum of $2,000 per month to maintain the right to add unlimited users. After the first year, for any month in which you process less than $2,000, you will pay a monthly charge of $19.99 per firm, or our then current published monthly charge.
    • b. MONESQ Plus. For the first 12 months of your subscription, you may add an unlimited number of firm users with no processing minimum and no monthly account fee. After the first 12 months, you will pay the Plus firm subscription of $6.59 per month (based on payment of $79.08 annually in advance), or $8.00 per month if paid monthly, or our then current published monthly or annual charge. You may add up to 10 users for this base subscription, with no processing minimum. After the first year, if you have more than ten users, you must process a minimum of $9,500 per month to maintain the right to add more than 10 users at no additional charge. For any month in which you process less than $9,500, you will pay a monthly charge of $8.00 for each user.
    • c. Sales taxes. All pricing is exclusive of any applicable sales taxes.
  • 11. eSignature. Each firm is entitled to 10 signed documents per month at no charge. If your firm needs more than ten signed documents per month, please contact us at
  • 12. Integration with QuickBooks online. If you choose to integrate your MONESQ account with QBO, you are responsible for maintaining your QBO subscription and complying with applicable QBO terms and conditions.
  • 13. System Requirements. To use MONESQ, you need an internet enabled device and a persistent internet connection. Users supply their own device and data plan for the internet connection. Access to MONESQ data is subject to the uptime of your cellular/internet provider. We recommend backing up your QBO account. Some QBO subscriptions include account backup. Third party backup solutions are also available.
  • 14. Changes to Terms & Pricing. Our terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options are subject to change without notice, unless an express notice period is specified.
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